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Stefan Zsaitsits


1981 Born in Hainburg an der Donau, Austria
2001 to 2006 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
2003 Stipend University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
2005 Stipend Fred Adlmüller Stiftung
2006 Stipend Sophie Fohn Stiftung
2012 and 2013, Viennafair, International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria
2013 and 2014, Art Austria, Art Fair Vienna, Art Austria Award 2014
2014 Collection of the museum Albertina
2016 Collection of the museum LENTOS

About the Artist

"One vision, expression or sensation gives way to another, evolved version of itself, but both were/are equally trenchant in the moment they were/are experienced. Zsaitsits' portraits recognise this, and his work leaves us with a haunting impression of the fluidity of identity jarring against the concreteness of its grotesque realisations."

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Ausstellungen / Werke

Zwischen Luv und Lee

Homepage of Stefan Zsaitsits