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Stefan Heizinger


1975 Born in Linz, Austria
1994 to 2000, Universitiy Mozarteum Salzburg, art and music education, study of painting (Dieter Kleinpeter)
2011 Talent Promotion Prize of the State of Upper Austria
2014 Art Austria, Art Fair, Vienna
2015 ViennaFair, International Art Fair, Vienna

About the Artist

Text: Tilman Treusch: Break what breaks you – Image interference by Stefan Heizinger

Violence, power, and sex – these are the three terms around which the work of Stefan Heizinger (born in Linz, Austria in 1975) revolves. The motifs for his acrylic paintings and his works on paper are aquired through the infinit image pool of the World Wide Web, where the artist, sometimes randomly and sometimes purposefully, bumps into depictions, which he finds worth painting. Heizinger does not simply take these images and transfers them into another medium. The painting, according to the artist, detaches itself “in the painting process […] from the template […]: it becomes independent and moves between reality and imagination.”

According to the painter, one goal of his art is to “visualize emotions.” To accomplish this he reproduces the images that he found on the net and attempts to display their cues. The basic motive of the original image remains recognizable as a subtext. The partially considerable interventions by the artist almost always lead to a change in the image statement. Painterly collages that know how to artistically utilize the concept of “image interference,” are created. The beautiful glow of the too perfect advertisement world, in which the flawlessness of things and people embody an ideal of the perfect life, receive rifts and, also the seductive power of the medially placed image world, the stagings of politicians, representatives of the economy and the church, or the images of the sex and porno industry, get unmasked as empty promises.

Due to the vast variety of different painterly mediums and modes, Heizinger’s works, which are steadily representational, deny a simple characterization. His paintings – drawn, aquarelle, or lithographed images – are simultaneously painterly and graphic, colored and monochromatic, figurative and abstract, detailed and expressive. The associations and imagination of the viewer is offered a multitude of different and often contradictory links and a new, often enlightening, view on the trusted and well known. [...]

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