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Rupert Gredler


1955 Born in Salzburg, Austria
1975 to 1980, Studies of mathematics an the Universitiy Salzburg, Austria
1982 bis 1984, Studied painting with Prof. Franz Luby, Vienna, Austria

About the Artist

About the drawings

The exquisite drawings, partly on coloured paper, which are amiable-caustic capricious, often find their lovers in exhibitions and galleries. In their unsteady women-, men- and group representations psychic characteristics of the Austrian baroque inheritance are recognizable, especially in the outline parts of the graphics. The drawings are no caricatures, too much heart and soul is in them. They gather scenes of human beings with all the facets of communication, which you are not able to unravel. Very often you will find some kind of humour in these art pieces full of virtuous dipper strokes and brush strokes. Rupert Gredler´s drawings have been collected in Austrian, German, Italian and Israeli public collections. Sometimes they are used as book-illustrations or shown together with lyrics.

About the paintings

Gredler´s motives tend to be very figurative leaning towards large size formats. His paintings are accurately thought out, using swift dynamic brush strokes. He can gracefully massage or even at times, create a tumultuous series of brushstrokes into the corners of the composition. Nevertheless, the dynamic flow of his brushstrokes are thoughtfully and considerately arranged to allow a sense of movement within his paintings. Gredler does not conform to trends of painting, but rather risks. He exaggerates and quite often seems as if gravity is denied and his motives held in suspension by a whirlwind of colour.