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Martin Pohl


1961 Born in Tarsch, South Tyrol. Lives and Works in St. Pauls and Vienna, Austria
1987 to 1992, Universitiy of Applied Arts (Prof. Ernst Caramelle) in Vienna, Austria.
1993 bis 1995, Lecteur an the Universitiy of Applied Arts inarbei Vienna, Austria.
2002 bis 2004, Stipend for Paris
2003 till now, "The artist's Kitchen", 3 artists residences in Vienna, Soravia Group, TownTown
2005 bis 2006, Stipend for Vienna

Numerous solo shows and group shows in Austria and Italy

About the Artist

Text: Elisabeth von Samsonow. “Storm the museum space”. Edition Raetia, Bozen

[…] Martin Pohl had his Kairos moment when he recognized the beauty and the possibilities of a special type of painting: using wax as a binding agent, he applies the pigments to a rigid canvas with a palette knife. The pigments take on a sort of crystalline transparency in the wax bath, and the large single brush strokes, at once the basic principle of painting and the very essence of the art itself, appear much larger and denser in this process. The observer stares incredulously at the bands of color which, under the guidance of an eccentric hand, have been formed into broad curves with the palette knife. A layering method creates a sense of depth: “older” lines occupy the background and “younger” lines the foreground. Martin Pohl thus borrows from a style of painting which used a simulated depth of field in order to tell three-dimensional stories. These pictures, which achieve their effect merely through the use of precious pigments, do not actually tell us anything – except for the story of the marriage between palette knife and traces of color – but they are highly allusive. […]

Exhibitions / Works

Die weißen Berge