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Franz Riedl


1976 Born in Bad Ischl. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria
1990 to 1994,
-Technical college for sculpture HTBLA Hallstatt
-Master class for sculpture Ortweinschule Graz
-University of Art and Design Linz, Sculpture (Prof. Reiter)
-Academy of Fine Arts, master class for sculpture (Prof. Gironcoli) in Vienna, Austria
2007 Lecture - TU (Technische Universität) Vienna, Institut dreidimensionales Gestalten

About the Artist

Das Fortschreiben des Bildes, Dr. Margit Zuckriegl

"The central notion of Franz Riedl’s artistic praxis is the appropriation of space. He studies the structural peculiarities of spaces in drawn-over photos, paper works, objects and installations. His starting point is always the line, which divides or extends the plane, occupies the space, or resolutely pushes a line construction into the medium of three dimensions. Riedl, who originally studied sculpture, models space by first studying its inherent rules, and then putting these up for debate in his works." (Barbara Pflanzner)

Exhibitions / Works